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This is a recreational photo of the Brown family in period dress with a horse and carriage, taken in 1961, Hale Road, formerly Brook Road, West Guilford, Vermont. Martin A. Brown Jr. and his wife Ann Marie are seated in the carriage with their daughters, Gretchen and Karen standing behind them. Martin Brown III is holding the horse at the left. The three women are wearing bonnets, and the men, top hats. Karen and Ann Marie have polka-dotted dresses, and Gretchen a solid colored dress. Ann Marie is wearing a black shawl and glasses. Both men have dark suits. There is a fence behind them, with a pathway leading to the family’s home on the left. On the far left fence post, a small flower pot and a mailbox are visible. On the right post is an ornate lamp. In the background, to the right is a wooded area. The photo was used as the family’s Christmas card that year. Ann Marie and the three children are still alive today.