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Croquet Game

In this photo from the early 1900’s, taken in Guilford, Vermont, there are five people playing croquet. Every one is wearing a hat. Four of them are wearing white shirts. They are playing in a field with trees around them. There is a hill behind them with bushes on it. They have two croquet balls. Pictured from left to right are Earl Jaqueth, Walter Thayer, Flora Jaqueth, Charles Evans, and Minnie Thayer.

Croquet was a very popular pastime in Guilford. People would dress up and play croquet every Sunday afternoon. The players could get very competitive. One of the players, Earl, died in 1959; he was Grange Master in 1915. He was active in the 4-H club. He was also a Vermont state representative in 1920. They found a two-pound cannon ball that was unearthed on plow land of Thayer in Guilford on May 11, 1935.