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Family With Hay Wagon at the Pulpit Farm

This picture was taken at the Pulpit Farm in Green River, Guilford, VT in the year 1905. In this picture there are four people: two men, and two women. The guy in front is standing and holding a pitchfork. He has overalls and a sunhat on. The other man is standing on a pile of hay, on a wagon, being pulled by two horses. This man has overalls and a sunhat as well, but his sunhat is in his right hand. The two women to the right are Mrs. Goodenough and her daughter Olive. Mrs. Goodenough was the housekeeper for the two men, George and Henry Lynde. The only building in the background is a barn that has no paint, and has wood shingles on the roof. You can see on the right there is a break in the wall where two barns were connected. Under the barn lies the visible rock foundation.

As of now this barn is still standing. It is now owned by Mrs. Minott who lives across the road.  Addie Minott reports that “the Pulpit Farm was on the hillside overlooking the Bridget Dam. It was built about 1780 at the end of the Revolutionary War. The barns were built in the middle 1800’s. The first owners of record were heirs of Silvanus Martin of Rehoboth Mass.