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Frank L. Wellman Home

This is a photograph of the Frank L. Wellman Home, in Guilford, Vermont. This house is on a dirt road. It looks about midday. There are two steps leading up to the front door of the house. The siding is a light color with white trim. The roof has dark paneling on it and there are two chimneys. There is a door in the middle of the house with two windows on each side. There is a small addition on the left side of the house, and two windows on the far left side. There is a stonewall going along the dirt driveway. There are two large trees in the front yard, on the right. There is also a mailbox on the far left side of the driveway. There is a power line going in front of the house. The stone walkway is going to the front door.

This photograph was taken in 1950. Silas M. Wheeler deeded the lot to F.L. Wellman in 1894. Lula Wellman sold the lot to Clarence Wellman in 1955, after she became a widow.