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Thomas N. Lynde Home

In this photograph of the Thomas N. Lynde Home, Guilford, Vermont, there seems to be a white house with a porch, and nine visible windows. There are two doors, and one chimney.

The foreground in the photograph includes a cement cylinder to the right, bottom hand corner, and it seems to be extremely rocky. There is a layer of grass on the ground, and trees in the background.

Thomas N. Lynde was in the Revolutionary War company of Capt. Josiah Borden, 1777. He lived in the house captured in the photograph, which was deeded to his wife, Kate M. Lynde, by Louisa Richmond, in 1876. Thomas N. Lynde’s daughter, Grace Christiansen, continued to live in the house and was deeded the house by her mother, Kate M. Lynde. The house is on Stage Rd. south of the Gale farm and part of lot no.14. Thomas sold 1 1/2 acres in his northeast corners to Isaac, son of John Barber. He was given the oil mill on Gregory farm on Broad Brook, in 1824. There, they made linseed oil. The building they worked in contained a shingle mill.