Digital Communications Policy

The intended purpose behind establishing the Town of Guilford, Vermont social media sites is for the sole purpose of disseminating information from the Town of Guilford, Vermont, about the Town, to its residents, employees and visitors.

The Town of Guilford, Vermont social media sites are intended to be informational only and are not intended to be used as an open public forum for making comments, including any official communications to the Town; for example, reporting crimes or misconduct, reporting dangerous conditions, giving notice required by any statute, ordinance or regulations such as but not limited to notices of claim.

The Town of Guilford, Vermont does not warrant or make any representations as to the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links and other items contained on this website.

Social Media

Government Communication Social Media Sites are municipal social media sites where public comment is prohibited. The Town or an agency or department thereof wholly controls such social media sites and, therefore, these sites are informational only and are not a public forum.

All content on the Facebook page shall be subject to state and federal public information laws. Any information or data posted to this site, including becoming a fan of this site, may be classified as a public record. By becoming a fan and/or posting information on this site you are subject to any applicable public information law.

The Town of Guilford, Vermont does not host Facebook and is not responsible for any failure of any type of this service or for the information found on the pages and accounts of the other users of this service. Users are expected to understand and agree to Facebook’s policies and procedures upon registration.