Request for Ditching Repair Bids

Project Title: REPAIR Ditching, 4 Road Segments 

Contact: Erika Elder, Town Administrator 
Email: townadmin@guilfordvt.gov 
(802) 254-6857, ext. 105 
Town of Guilford, 236 School Road, Guilford, VT 05301-8319 

Date of Issue: 3 May, 2023 

Deadline: 12:00 PM, 22 May 2023 

Decision: 22 May 2023 


The Town of Guilford requests sealed bids for a Ditching Repair project which includes  segments of Cemetery Hill Road, Borkowski Road, Campbell Road, and Sweet Pond Road. Locations indicated on the attached map. Note: Sweet Pond Road segment is approximately  800’. Map is pending. 


Work to be performed under this project includes but is not limited to ditching, installing stone  turnouts, replacing culverts, hydroseeding, road grading and traffic control. 

1) Install grass lined ditch in accordance with attached guideline. 

2) Install stone lined ditch in accordance with attached guideline using 3”-6”  ditch stone. 

3) Regrade roadway in accordance with attached guideline to correct the road  crown and to eliminate berms. 

4) Replace culverts, construct swales, berms and ditches as needed. 

5) Tree removal as directed by Dan Zumbruski, Highway Foreman.


1. The Contractor is expected to work within the Town right-of-way. Any cost associated  with the contractor’s desire to obtain clearances to work outside the existing right-of way will be at the sole expense of the contractor. 

2. Damage by the contractor to Town and/or personal property, or utilities during  construction will be repaired by the contractor to pre-construction condition and will be  at the sole expense of the contractor. 


1) All materials and construction shall conform to State of Vermont Agency of  Transportation Standard Specifications for Construction 2011, and its latest revisions,  and the AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, 17th Edition, dated 2002  and its latest revisions. 

2) This project will be developed and administered by the Town of Guilford. Continuous  communications will be maintained between the Town, the Project Manager and  Contractor. 

3) The Contractor will be responsible for coordinating with the Utility Company.  Utility poles will not be relocated during construction. 

4) Estimated quantities are provided for information only. The project is to be paid for  as a lump sum project.  

5) The Contractor will develop and implement site specific traffic control and protection  plans in accordance with the latest version of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control  Devices. No work shall commence until the Traffic Control and Protection Plan has  been approved by the Town. 

6) One-way alternating traffic must be maintained at all times for the duration of  this project. 

7) All work on this project will be performed within the existing right-of-way  limits. No additional ROW rights are anticipated for this project. 


The Contractor for this work must possess valid and current licenses and certifications  necessary to comply with the “Statement of Work”, as listed below and as regulated by all  applicable state and/or local laws and ordinances. 


Please provide a proposal to Town of Guilford based on the information above and the  information below. 

Proposals should provide the following additional information:  

• Cover sheet with company name, address, year of establishment, contact information,  and summary of the work that the company does. Please note on the cover sheet if you  are a minority or women owned business enterprise as preference will be given to  M/WBEs  

• Experience in working with municipalities.  

• List of all applicable licenses and certifications.  

• Proof of general liability insurance with a minimum amount of $1,000,000 per  occurrence.  

• Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance. 

• Submissions must include a full description of mix, unit of measure, estimated quantity  (in number and words), unit price, and total bid price. 

• Must be signed and dated by an authorizing company official. 

Terms and Period of Performance:  

• The contractor agrees to furnish the necessary labor, equipment and material to  perform all work in accordance with the Request for Bid, Additional Specifications,  Project Documents, the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation Standard  Specifications for Construction 2018, and its latest revisions, and the latest version of  the MUTCD. 

• Project completion is to be no later than 30 September 2023.  

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Guilford Selectboard, Highway Commissioner,  and Town Administrator.  

Please submit proposals to the attention of Erika Elder, Town Administrator, at  townadmin@guilfordvt.gov or to 236 School Road, Guilford, VT 05301. Please be sure to put  “Repair Ditching – 4 Road Segments” in the subject line or on the envelope.  

All proposals submitted via email shall be in PDF format. All proposals sent via mail or delivered  in person must be in triplicate and all proposals must state they are valid for no less than forty five (45) days. No bid received after the time and date stated previously, shall be considered for review. Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the submission deadline. Bids already submitted  may be modified if submitted via email or in writing prior to the bid deadline. 

In accordance with Town procurement policy, if a minimum of three (3) bids are not received by  the bid deadline, the Town of Guilford may extend the deadline, cancel the RFP, or choose a  contractor whichever decision best meets the needs and interests of the Town. Should this  occur, all contractors having submitted proposals will be notified of the decision.  

The Town of Guilford may consider any proposal not prepared and/or submitted in accordance  with the provisions hereof as incomplete and will not be considered. The Town of Guilford  reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to cancel the RFP at any time as best meets the  needs and interests of the Town. 

The Town of Guilford will publicly read each contractor’s proposed bid value at 1:00 pm on 22 May 2023 at the Town Office. A list of all proposed bid contract totals will be distributed to all  bidders by 6:00 pm of the same day. 

The Town of Guilford is not legally obliged to select the lowest bid and reserves the right to  select the contractor deemed to best perform this work and fulfill the interests of the Town. All  submitted materials will be reviewed prior to the Selectboard choosing a contractor for the  project. All proposals, upon submission, become property of the Town of Guilford. This RFP  does not commit the Town of Guilford to award a contract, to pay any costs incurred in  proposal preparation, or to pay for all goods and/or services offered in a proposal. The Town of  Guilford reserves the right to negotiate final details of a contract with the selected contractor,  should one be chosen, if it is in the best interest of the Town of Guilford to do so. 

Unless otherwise negotiated, the Town of Guilford will pay the total contract cost in one lump  sum payment within thirty (30) business days of a scheduled Selectboard Meeting after the  invoice has been received and after full completion of the project. No amounts will be paid  prior to project completion. In order to be included on a warrant for a Selectboard Meeting,  invoices must be submitted to the Town Administrator on or before 3:00 pm of the Thursday  prior to the scheduled meeting. 

Please provide an adequate response if the firm, or Principals of the firm have been involved in  litigation on a project within the last five (5) years, including but not limited to: narrative  description, identification of all parties involved, and the current status or resolution of the  named dispute.


The Contractor shall warranty materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the  date of completion. Defects and associated repair shall be reviewed with the Town prior to any  remedial work. All remedial work shall be completed by the Contractor at no additional cost to  the Town. 

By submitting a proposal, the Contractor certifies that, in accordance with the project’s  Additional Specifications, Project Documents, and the description of construction as shown above, I, or we, hereby certify that I am, or we are, the only person or persons interested in this  Proposal as principal or principals; that it is made without collusion with any person, firm, or  corporation; that an examination has been made of the Proposal, the provided documents, the  Specifications and the site of the work, and that I, or we, propose to furnish all necessary  machinery, equipment, tools, labor and other means of construction, and all materials  specified, in the manner and at the time prescribed, understanding that the quantities of work  as shown herein are only estimated and approximate and are subject to increase or decrease  and that all quantities of work, whether increased or decreased, are to be performed at the  unit prices listed in this proposal. 

Attachments: (Download PDF)
Campbell Road Map and Details 
Cemetery Hill Road Map and Details 
Borkowski Road Map and Details 
Note: Map of Sweet Pond Road segment is pending.