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Town Administrator Job Description


Guilford is seeking a Town Administrator. The ideal candidate will be willing to research, learn about, and become adept with new areas; comfortable with accepting responsibility and accounting for their actions; and able to keep a wide range of issues on track over time with different groups of volunteers.


• Serve as the principal support for the Selectboard and liaison between the Selectboard and other parties. Work closely with Selectboard to manage administration of the Town by
providing administrative support, advising on policy and decisions, consulting with legal
services to ensure compliance with statutes, and presenting the Board’s decisions to external audiences as necessary.

• Ensure effective Town operations and communications among departments, residents, and others through working closely with elected and appointed officials, Town employees and volunteers, and regional, State, and federal partners.

• Reports to the Selectboard; works closely with Town Treasurer and Clerk.

• This is a regular, full time, hourly position. The position at times requires working hours
long beyond what is considered an average workday. The position requires attendance at
night meetings.


The listed duties illustrate the various functions of the Guilford Town Administrator. The omission
of a specific duty or responsibility does not exclude it from the duties and responsibilities of the
position of Town Administrator, if the specific duty and responsibility is like, or related to, these
characteristic duties and responsibilities, or is a logical assignment to the position.


a. Coordinate Selectboard activities including communications, training opportunities,
interactions with external parties, and meetings (post notices in accordance with the Open
Meeting Law; prepare and distribute meeting agendas and materials; attend all meetings
and hearings; take, draft, and post minutes; implement annual procedures such as Conflict
of Interest Statements, appointment of Town Officers, etc.).

b. Maintain an annual work plan and calendar to track and ensure timely Selectboard and
others’ attention to activities and responsibilities including grant approvals,
reappointments, budget activity, policy reviews, updates, etc.

c. With the Treasurer, assess, on a regular basis, the Town’s needs together with the
Selectboard, department heads, Commissions, and Advisory Committees as appropriate.
Research issues of importance to the Town and analyses with recommendations to the
Selectboard. Implement short- and long-term planning based upon those needs.

d. With the approval of the Selectboard and working closely with the Treasurer, administer
the Town’s Capital Improvement Plan, including but not limited to: managing the
maintenance and improvement/or renovation schedule of Town-owned facilities,
implementing renovation projects, tracking the history of planned and executed expenses
and the impact on proposed changes on future taxpayer burden, and reporting to the
Selectboard, recommending revisions to the plan as necessary.

e. Identify problems and opportunities, analyze options and offer recommendations to the
Selectboard. As directed by the Selectboard, represent interests of the Town before local,
regional, State, and federal officials, community leaders, Town employees, and the public.

f. Be fully informed and knowledgeable of applicable state statute and federal laws, as well as
Town policies, ordinances, and plans and their implementation. Recommend updates and
revisions to the Selectboard. Be attentive to changes that might necessitate reviews of
current policies or adoption of new policies.

g. Provide administrative support to Town departments as directed by the Selectboard.

h. Work collaboratively with other Town Office staff to ensure sound and efficient office

i. With the Town Clerk, implement human resources administration tasks, including
recruiting and interviewing candidates, “onboarding” of new employees or, as relevant,
volunteers; maintaining accurate and complete employment records; and working with
Treasurer to coordinate payroll execution.

j. Compile the Town’s Annual Report on a timely basis, gathering information from all
relevant parties, creating Articles for the meeting Warning, working with the Treasurer to
set up the next FY proposed budget, and submitting the Draft Report to the Town Auditors
for final review prior to printing.

k. Research and present findings on grant opportunities to the Selectboard; write grant
applications as directed and administer awarded grants. Collect invoices, proof of payment,
and other necessary documents for grant reimbursements for the Treasurer to monitor
grant and project financial performance.

l. Prepare and execute all requests for proposals, bids, spot quotes, legal notices,
announcements, and want ads. Gather and evaluate responses; prepare recommendation to
the Selectboard with the Department head, as appropriate.

m. With Treasurer and Town Clerk, review Town insurance policies including current
coverage, implement necessary changes, and recommend changes and implementation
when required by changes in State or federal law.

n. Identify and attend appropriate training opportunities to maintain and improve skills. Ensure that Town elected officials, volunteers, and staff receive information on relevant training opportunities and encourage participation and professional development.

o. Other duties as assigned by Selectboard.


a. Provide internal IT support to the Town office and staff including but not limited to computer maintenance and replacement, cyber security, software management, antivirus, server updates and maintenance, and internal networking.


a. As directed by the Selectboard, and together with the Treasurer, negotiate and manage
contracts. As appropriate, evaluate contracts on an ongoing basis.
b. Ensure that AFD#1 contract is executed and implemented.
c. Assist Treasure in preparing and presenting annual operating budgets for all relevant funds
and departments and submitting for the Selectboard’s and then voters’ approval.
d. Work with the Treasurer and Selectboard on developing and implementing financial
policies and procedures.
e. With the Town Treasurer, ensure that all Town finances are tracked accurately and
f. Provide fiscal checks and balances through monitoring financial tasks including payroll, and
accounts payable and ensuring that budget status reports are prepared, analyzed, and
annotated for each Selectboard meeting.
g. With Treasurer, investigate and recommend to the Selectboard methods for improving cost
control and containment and increasing efficiency of Town services. Institute such methods
as approved by the Selectboard.


a. Provide public information to the media upon request, with approval of the Selectboard
chair. Draft press releases when necessary.
b. Oversee the Town of Guilford’s official website: Post agendas and
meeting minutes for Selectboard-appointed commissions and committees following Open
Meeting Law requirements. Post announcements, vacancies, openings, updates,
documents, reports, etc. as the need arises. Create and add new content as needed for Town
entities and as directed by the Selectboard and post to social media accounts.
c. Be responsive to complaints, criticisms, and suggestions of citizens, taxpayers, and
businesses by acknowledging them, bringing them to the attention of the Selectboard, or
directing the issue to the appropriate party. As appropriate, respond independently to
resident needs and complaints OR investigate situation(s) and research response options
for Selectboard to adopt. This may include seeking legal advice in advance of making
recommendations, authorizing a response by an Animal Control Officer, etc.
d. Attend pre-Town Meeting and Town Meeting and be prepared to address the voters when
called upon. Support the Selectboard in their presentation and field questions on budget
presentation, financial reports contained in the Town Report, happenings of the prior year,
e. Attend other meetings, as required, and act as the Town’s representative.


a. Communicate with federal, State, regional and local officials on behalf of the Selectboard,
informing the Selectboard of relevant changes in policies and law that will affect the Town.
b. Pursue questions of legal nature with the Vermont League of Cities and Towns or the
Town’s attorney(s) as necessary, including in advance of Selectboard meetings to ensure
efficient responses by the Board.
c. Be informed about any legal proceedings, questions, or cases that affect or involve the


a. With the Treasurer, monitor and update the Town’s Capital Improvement Plan. Oversee
project/contract/grant budgets and monitor the management and execution of the Town’s
capital projects, ensuring that the Treasurer has all the information necessary for each
b. With the Planning Committee, work closely with the Regional Planning Commission
(Windham Regional Commission) and relevant local and State partners to support Town
Plan goals and implement its policies and actions wherever/whenever possible.
project/contract/grant award to accurately and completely track source and use of funds.
Work cooperatively with local groups (committees, commissions, nonprofits, etc.) to
implement approved initiatives set forth in the Town Plan; provide technical support when


The ideal candidate will be willing to research, learn about, and become adept with new areas;
comfortable with accepting responsibility and accounting for their actions; and able to keep a wide
range of issues on track over time with different groups of volunteers.
• Ability to be persuasive, perceptive, and discrete with town officials and volunteers, boards,
state and federal agencies, contractors, engineers, attorneys, and the general public.
• Able to exercise sound judgment and discretion in the handling of sensitive information; able
to listen to and accept criticism.
• Able to motivate and work effectively and interact positively with Town officials, Town staff,
local, regional, and State agencies, non-profit organizations, Town residents, the media,
volunteers, employees, and other stakeholders.
• Possess a positive attitude and be an effective team member.
• Strong communicator, orally and in writing; proficient in public speaking.
• Skilled in conducting and interpreting legal research and in presenting findings.
• Able to analyze alternatives and offer creative, objective recommendations.
• Accurate, timely, detailed, and organized record-keeper.
• Independent self-starter who organizes and uses time effectively; multitasker.
• Knowledge of intergovernmental relations, finance, accounting (specifically Fund
Accounting), and budgeting relating to municipal management a plus.
• Knowledge of State policies and laws affecting municipal governments including, but not
limited to, financial, public works, and personnel practices a plus.
• Working knowledge of MS Office Suite (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Suites,
Adobe, and Zoom as well as other basic computer and web skills; knowledge of and
experience with NEMRC is preferred.


Must have a high school degree. A college degree in public administration, political science,
business management or relevant discipline is preferred and/or a minimum of three years’
experience in an administrative or managerial capacity in either municipal government or
business, or a combination of equivalent experience as the Selectboard deems sufficient.

The selected candidate will exhibit a commitment to the Town’s goals and objectives as
determined by its voters, Selectboard, and commissions and will exhibit initiative, leadership, and
judgment in the administration of all affairs placed in his/her charge.


Possession of a valid Driver’s License and a vehicle to use when traveling on Town business.


Commensurate with experience. This is a full-time, hourly position; flexible schedule requires
night meetings and attendance at all Selectboard meetings and Town Meeting. Some travel is