What is this reappraisal and why is it happening now?
Since Guilford’s Common Level Of Appraisal (CLA) fell below 85% in 2022, the State required a reappraisal to bring property values closer to current market value.

Will my taxes go up?
That isn’t entirely clear at this moment. The Town’s budget remains level funded (change within 4%), and you can expect Guilford’s Municipal Tax Rate to go down to compensate for the higher assessment. There are other elements which contribute to your tax payments which aren’t yet set for this year.

What would be an appropriate reason to grieve this assessment?
This is a Statistical Reappraisal. That means each home wasn’t physically inspected. Value was calculated using existing information. You may feel your assessment is not appropriate based on the current condition or market value of your home. If you believe the assessment is higher than what your home would sell for in the current market, or you find an error, plan to make a grievance. 

How does the Grievance process work?
First Step Grievance:
The Grievance process will start on June 14 with Informal Grievances. Call the Town Clerk at 802-254-6857 to set up a 20 minute appointment with Assessment Consultant, Dan Beaudoin in the Guilford Town Office. Dan has worked on reappraisals in Guilford since 2005, and will be able to take your grievance into consideration. 
Second Step Grievance:
If your Informal Grievance is unsatisfactory, you can lodge a Formal Grievance with the Town Listers. To do that, you must submit your grievance in writing to the Town Office no later than 3:00 p.m. June 22. The Listers will hear Formal Grievances from 3:00 to 6:00 at the Guilford Town Office on June 22.

More information about the Reappraisal can be found on page 7 of the Town Report.