Conservation Commission Minutes, 04.20.2023

Guilford Conservation Meeting Minutes April 20, 2023

Attending: Linda Hecker, Linda Lembke, Susan Bonthron, Bill Jewell, Steve Soszynski, Anne Montgomery, Bevan Quinn, Karen Murphy

Public: about 25 folks from Guilford and outlying towns.

In lieu of our regular meeting the GCC sponsored a presentation by Sam Schneski at the BBCC. Sam is the Windham County forester and resides in Guilford. He talked about a new land use category in Vermont’s Use Value Appraisal (UVA) program called Reserve Forestland. This change will allow landowners, whose land is eligible, to develop “old forest” conditions on their property while participating in the UVA program (also known as the Current Use program). The presentation addressed ways that anyone can manage forestland to increase old forest functions and characteristics, which provide important contributions to wildlife habitat, forest resilience in a changing climate, and more.    

There was also an introduction and discussion about the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) which has been identified in Guilford. 

This presentation supported the GCC’s mission to “foster education about Guilford’s resources.”

The event was well attended and there was time for questions. 

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Murphy, Clerk
Guilford Conservation Commission