The Collector of Delinquent Taxes ensures that all taxpayers pay property taxes owed to the town. It is the job of the Collector of Delinquent Taxes to notify taxpayers when their taxes are overdue, to discuss, approve, and formalize arrangements for late payments, and to take formal collection actions, including conducting tax sales of the property when necessary. In addition, the Collector of Delinquent Taxes keeps records of all delinquent accounts, and provides these records to the town Auditors for inclusion in the annual town report.

The Collector of Delinquent Taxes is a position that is appointed each year by the Town Selectboard. Elly Majonen has been appointed as the Delinquent Tax Collector. She can be reached at the Town Office.

The links below provide the policy for the collection of delinquent taxes, information about abatement and possible solutions to eliminating delinquencies.

Policy for Collection of Delinquent Tax


Considerations for Eliminating Delinquency