Town Auditors

Town Auditors are elected to staggered 3-year terms by Australian ballot on Town Meeting Day. 

The Town Auditors play a vital role in preserving the democratic nature of Vermont’s local government by ensuring that local officials are accountable for their expenditures of the taxpayers’ money.  It is the Town Auditors’ job to review the accounts of local officials and report their findings directly to the taxpayers for review.  Town Auditors also compile and publish the Annual Town Report.

Paul Belogour2025
Lesley Maloiun2026
Cathrine Wilken, Chair2024

Trustees of Public Funds

Trustees of Public Funds are elected to staggered 3-year terms from the floor during Town Meeting Day.

The duty of the Trustees is to manage real or personal property held by the town in trust for any purpose.  The Trustees’ annual report on the investment value, income and disbursements for each of the public funds is included in the Town Report.

Elly Majonen2026
Todd Mandell 2025
Don McLean2024

Board of Listers

Listers are elected to staggered 3-year terms by Australian ballot on Town Meeting Day.

The Board of Listers is responsible for creating a defendable and equitable Grand List that assigns a value to all taxable real estate properties in town.  Each property owner’s portion of real estate taxation is determined from the values assigned in the Grand List.  Vermont statutes direct all property appraisals to be at fair market value, or, for qualifying properties, at use value. The Assessor Clerk is hired by the Selectboard to assist the Listers in maintaining the Grand List and running the office on a day-to-day basis

To ensure an accurate and current Grand List, Listers and Assessor Clerk conduct site visits, research legal documents, review surveys, and revise the town parcel maps.  When making a site visit, they typically take measurements and record other information about features and characteristics that affect property value.  They also review all new documents that could affect property valuation (such as Property Tax Transfer Reports, Current Use Valuations, surveys, Homestead and Non-residential Tax Adjustments, Veteran’s Exemptions and other applicable recorded land instruments).

Property valuations are summarized on Property Record Cards, which can be viewed and copied during most regular office hours.  The Assessor Clerk and Listers respond to general inquiries about property valuation as well as formal appeals. The documents below provide an overview of the property tax appeal process:

Are You Appealing? An introduction to property tax assessment appeals

A Special Report on Property Tax Appeals A guide to the tax appeal process

Guildford Town Grand Lists

The Listers and Assessor Clerk can be contacted by phone at 802.254.6857, ext. 104, and are available by appointment.

Shaun Murphy 2024 
Richard Smith2025
Vacant 2026
Lisa Barry, Assessor Clerk

Justices of the Peace

Justices of the Peace are elected every two years during General Elections by Australian ballot.

Justices of the Peace have the authority to administer oaths and solemnize marriages.  As members of the Board of Civil Authority and the Board of Abatement, they assist in elections, deliver and count ballots, maintain voter checklists and hear tax appeals.

Roberta Bremmer 802.257.1132
Zon Eastes*802.380.9550
Amanda Franklin802.257.1749
Pat Haine802.257.0626
Doug Hunt802.257.0783
Anna Klein802.251.0330
Todd Mandell*802.251.0089
Don McLean*802.257.1961
Lori Nelson*802.254.2960
Cathrine Wilken*802.254.6545

*Performs marriage/Civil Union Ceremonies

Board of Civil Authority

Members include the Town Clerk, the Justices of Peace and the Selectboard. 

The Board of Civil Authority is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date Voter Checklist and will make changes to the Checklist as needed. The Board also assists at elections, delivers absentee ballots, and hears appeals from final decisions of the Listers as to the valuation of property. The Board meets when required at the Town Office.

The Board of Civil Authority can be contacted through the Town Office at 802.254.6857.

Board of Tax Abatement

Members include the Justices of Peace, Selectboard, Listers, and Treasurer.

The Board of Tax Abatement has the authority to abate all or a portion of a property owner’s property taxes and interest assessed by the Town according to specific criteria established by Vermont State Statutes. The Board meets as required to hear requests for tax abatement.

The Board of Tax Abatement can be contacted through the town office at 802.254.6857.

Health Officers

Richard Davis is Guilford’s Health Officer, appointed by the state commissioner of health, on the recommendation of the Selectboard. He can be contacted through the Town Office at 802.254.6857.

An individual may contact a health officer to complain of unsafe conditions in rental housing or on public or private property, or to report a septic failure, or an animal that might be rabid. The health officers investigate all complaints and have extensive authority to take emergency abatement steps and may enforce any state health regulations and town health ordinances.

Animal Control Officer

Marianne Lawrence is Guilford’s Pound Keeper, a position appointed each year by the Selectboard.

Marianne can be contacted by phone at 802.380.5423.

The pound keeper cares for animals that are impounded by the town.  Animals can be impounded for a variety of reasons, including mistreatment by their caretaker, running at large, worrying other animals or people, or if rabies is suspected. The pound keeper is responsible to feed and care for the animals until they are reunited with their owner, sold, or humanely destroyed.

Ordinance for the Control of Dogs