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The Recreation Commission meets at the Town Office on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm.    Members of public are welcome.

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The Guilford Recreation Commission fosters community connections and well-being for our town by supporting our public spaces and by collaborating with other community organizations to offer engaging, inclusive, recreational activities, designed to meet the needs of our neighbors.

Annual Events


Recreation Commissioners

Recreation Commissioners serve staggered 3-year terms and are appointed by the Selectboard.  

The purpose of Guilford’s Recreation Commission is to encourage, coordinate, and support a system of public recreation for the Town.  The system will include providing for team and independent sports, promoting public awareness of activities and resources, and reporting annually to the Town on goals and achievements.  To this end, the Recreation Commission, together with the Conservation Commission and other Town bodies and residents, will plan for and inventory safe byways, publicize recreational resources, and monitor the impact of current and future recreational facilities and activities on land value and usage, among other tasks. 

Ragan Anderson2022

Chris Zappala
Jake Dixon

Ashley Kane2021
 Mary Wallace-Collins, Chair2022 
 Verandah Porche – Selectboard Liaison