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Recreation Commission Minutes

Recreation Commission Minutes, 01.12.2023

Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 1-12-23

  1. Recognition of Public: Commission recognises Elina Koumjian, who is considering joining the Recreation Commission.
  2. Attending members: Mary Wallace-Collins, Kelsy Allan, Ashley Kane, Chris Zappala, Verandah Porche, Selectboard Liaison.
  3. Call to Order: 6:33pm
  4. Announcement that Regan Beebe has resigned from Recreation Commission.
  5. Introductions by each member to Elina. Elina introduced herself. Mary gave an overview of the Rec. Commission activities.

Winterfest: Winterfest will be held Sunday, February 12, at the Guilford Fairgrounds. Refreshments will be offered between 12 and 2 pm.. If there is no snow the Winterfest will be cancelled. Activities will include, sledding, a firepit, hot chocolate, popcorn, apples, and s’mores will be provided. Rec. Commissioners will have extra sleds available.

There was discussion about advertising the Winterfest, particularly, creating a flyer and notifying the school about it.

The Rec. Commission will reach out to other town organizations — the Rec. Club, The Conservation Commission, the Boy Scouts—for additional input and assistance at the Winterfest.

  1. Nordic Ski Program Update: Three sets of skis and equipment have not been picked up. Mary will contact these participants.
  2. The Rec. Commission website is difficult for The Commissioners to update and adjust. Verandah informed the commission that the town has hired someone to coordinate and upgrade it’s websites.
  3. Mary Wallace-Collins, Commission Chair, will be away for Winterfest and for regular February meeting. Commission made a verbal agreement to coordinate Winterfest preparations via email.
  4. Meeting Adjourned: 7:17pm

Recreation Commission, 11.10.2022

Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting
Thursday November 10th, 2022  6:30-7:30pm 


  1. Attendance: Mary Wallace-Collins, Kelsy Allan, Chris Zappala, Ashley Kane, Verandah Porche ( selectboard liaison)

II. Call to Order:  6:35

lll. Approval of Minutes:  October 2022

Minutes were approved unanimously

lV. Finances:  $3550 available. Eric requests reimbursement for invoices from maintaining website, including Google suite account, the domain name, and hosting the website. The total reimbursement is $186.56

Also, if any Commissioners have outstanding expenses for the Commission, a reimbursement form was sent via email and can be filled out and submitted.

V. Old Business:  

  • Future Events at BBCC (we have scheduled reserved spaces at BBCC) There was some discussion about possible future Rec. Commission events at BBCC in December, including distribution of the nordic ski equipment.
  • Halloween rehash —While Commissioners were pleased with the Halloween event at the BBCC, there were a number of suggestions for “next year”, including having more games for the children, and not scheduling it on the same day as the annual Trunk or Treat. It was suggested a live band such as the local, “ Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band” play at the next Halloween party.
  • Nordic Ski—As the Rec. Commission readies its annual distribution of nordic ski equipment, Commissioners will be contacting the Guilford School and the homeschoolers for applications. The BBCC was mentioned as a possible place for distribution of skis and equipment in early December.
  • Playscape —The Playscape path still needs clearing and attention to slow the invasion of weeds. It was suggested that an outside contractor be contacted to maintain the walking paths.

VI. New Business: 

               -The Rec. Commission needs to recruit new members. We brainstormed ways to do that.

               – Thinking ahead to Winterfest 2023, we will be looking for ways to involve other organizations.

              – The Rec. Commission voted to maintain level funding for the next fiscal year.

              -The shed behind the Town Hall has a mouse infestation and needs attention.There was a question of whether the shed is just for Recreation equipment or if other town committees use it also. Someone had stored wet bags in the shed, fouling some of the Halloween decorations.

VIl. Adjournment:  7:35pm

Recreation Commission Minutes, 10.13.2022

Minutes of Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting
Thursday October 13, 2022

I. Attending: Mary Wallace-Collins, Kelsy Allan, Ragan Beebe, Verandah Porche (Selectboard Liaison), Chris Zappala

II. Call to Order: 6:31

III. New Additions:
There were two additions to the agenda:
1. to talk about the upcoming yearly cross-country ski distribution
2. to discuss retrieving the playscape equipment currently stored at former Commissioners’ house.

IV. Changes to Agenda: No other changes to the agenda

V. Approval of Minutes: September 2022
Minutes were unanimously approved

VI. Finances:
Mary has contacted the town offices about Commission finances, but has not heard back at
this time.

VII. Old Business:
Scarecrows: Work on the scarecrows at the Playscape is moving slowly. People may be adding to it and commissioner may encourage people to build with the supplies there. There is not as much interest in the project this year.

Trunk or Treat Commissioner Ashley Kane is organizing Trunk or Treat at the Fairgrounds. She is in contact with the commission, though she is not in attendance at this meeting.

Halloween dance 10/29 Commission is planning a Halloween Dance at the newly-renovated BBCC.

  • Committees are forming to plan the party/dance.
  • Activities for children and adults were discussed.
  • Commission will verify Alcohol policy at the BBCC
  • Chris Beebe offered to take photos of attendees in costume
  • Commissioners will attend the 10/22 BBCC opening to view the layout of the spaces and further plan the event.

VIII. New Business:
1. The commission reviewed the Bill Koch Ski Program schedule from last year and decided to focus on it at next month’s meeting.
2. Chris Zappala and Mary Wallace-Collins will coordinate retrieval and storage of Playscape equipment from former Commissioners.

VIII. Adjournment: 7:20

Recreation Minutes 09.15.2022

Guilford Recreation Commission
Meeting minutes
Thursday, September 15, 2022 –  via Zoom

  1. Members in Attendance: Mary Wallace- Collins, Kelsy Allan (left meeting at 6:55pm), Ashley Kane, ( joined meeting at 6:50pm), Verandah Porche, selectboard liaison. 

II. Call to Order:  6:38 pm

III. Approval of July Minutes (there was no August Meeting) 
Minutes were approved unanimously

IV. Finances:
Mary mentioned that the Rec. Commission received an invoice for $150 for the website. She will address it.

V. Old Business:  

  1. Playscape ADA work – The commission plans to contact the homeschool group who regularly do a  cleanup of the Playscape and coordinate a day to work together there. 
  2. The Commission agreed on hosting an October 2 event to kick off the annual scarecrows at the playscape month.
  3. Other events in October include an October 29th Halloween party at the BBCC. Trunk or Treat will also be on the 29th at the Fairgrounds. The Commission wants to reach out to other Guilford organizations in the hopes of coordinating Halloween events.
  4. Otherwise, the commission discussed creating a schedule of events, game nights and craft days,  to be held at the BBCC.

VI. New Business:

  1. The commission will contact former commissioners about materials for a playhouse at the Playscape currently stored at their house.

VIII. Adjournment:  7:32pm