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Recreation Minutes 09.15.2022

Guilford Recreation Commission
Meeting minutes
Thursday, September 15, 2022 –  via Zoom

  1. Members in Attendance: Mary Wallace- Collins, Kelsy Allan (left meeting at 6:55pm), Ashley Kane, ( joined meeting at 6:50pm), Verandah Porche, selectboard liaison. 

II. Call to Order:  6:38 pm

III. Approval of July Minutes (there was no August Meeting) 
Minutes were approved unanimously

IV. Finances:
Mary mentioned that the Rec. Commission received an invoice for $150 for the website. She will address it.

V. Old Business:  

  1. Playscape ADA work – The commission plans to contact the homeschool group who regularly do a  cleanup of the Playscape and coordinate a day to work together there. 
  2. The Commission agreed on hosting an October 2 event to kick off the annual scarecrows at the playscape month.
  3. Other events in October include an October 29th Halloween party at the BBCC. Trunk or Treat will also be on the 29th at the Fairgrounds. The Commission wants to reach out to other Guilford organizations in the hopes of coordinating Halloween events.
  4. Otherwise, the commission discussed creating a schedule of events, game nights and craft days,  to be held at the BBCC.

VI. New Business:

  1. The commission will contact former commissioners about materials for a playhouse at the Playscape currently stored at their house.

VIII. Adjournment:  7:32pm