Recreation Commission Minutes, 04.13.2023

Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting
Thursday, April 13, 2023-  6:30-7:30

Members Attending: Mary Wallace-Collins, Ashley Kane, Elina Koumjian, Chris Zappala, Verandah Porche, selectboard liaison 

I. Recognition of Public:  no public present

II. Call to Order:  
6:37 pm

III. New Additions:
no new additions

IV. Changes to Agenda:
no changes

V. Approval of Minutes:  
Minutes from last meeting on March 22, 2023 unanimously approved

VI. Old Business: 
1. Egg Hunt: scheduled for 4/29. Rain date will be April 30


  • Jelly Bean Jar Guess —-Winner at the End Closest w/o going over Wins a Basket with arranged goodies) 
  • Sac Races
  • Some Type of Ring/Ball Toss game.
  • Egg Toss (Plastic into a cardboard cut out decorated Bunny mouth)
  • Egg relay race 
  • For children who are limiting their candy intake, there will be opportunities to trade candy for toys or other items.


  • Two Baby Goats
  • possibly baby pigs or chicks

Parade: (All Mary & Chuck the beaver to Lead) 

  • We have a small basket of egg shakers
  • Mary has a small basket of musical hand instruments also

11-11:30am – People gathering, checking things out, Counting Jelly Beans, Visiting Animals
11:30am-11:45am – 0-6 year olds Egg Hunt First
11:45-12pm(ish) – 7 and Up Egg Hunt
12pm-12:40pm – Kids exploring the games, animals, their candy 
12:40 pm – Announcement that the Parade will begin in five minutes  & help pass out/gather kiddos with instruments 
12:45pm – Mary calls the Parade to Start.  Chuck & Mary lead them on an adventure through the fields and ending at the Playscape.

$3550 there has been $725.38 in expenses, leaving $2,824.62 in your budget.

2. ski returns
Mary will send out email to participants to return skis to her front porch (where the skis and equipment were for pick up.)

There was a discussion about how to expand the program for adults.

3. Playscape and ADA (town has information on ADA)
There is not a high demand from Guilford Cares to have the walkway be ADA compliant so the selectboard has not made this a priority.

The Commission revisited the idea of having a Playscape Committee. The Commission will solicit volunteers for this committee with a sign up at the Playscape.

VII. Adjournment:  7:18pm