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Recreation Commission Minutes, 10.13.2022

Minutes of Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting
Thursday October 13, 2022

I. Attending: Mary Wallace-Collins, Kelsy Allan, Ragan Beebe, Verandah Porche (Selectboard Liaison), Chris Zappala

II. Call to Order: 6:31

III. New Additions:
There were two additions to the agenda:
1. to talk about the upcoming yearly cross-country ski distribution
2. to discuss retrieving the playscape equipment currently stored at former Commissioners’ house.

IV. Changes to Agenda: No other changes to the agenda

V. Approval of Minutes: September 2022
Minutes were unanimously approved

VI. Finances:
Mary has contacted the town offices about Commission finances, but has not heard back at
this time.

VII. Old Business:
Scarecrows: Work on the scarecrows at the Playscape is moving slowly. People may be adding to it and commissioner may encourage people to build with the supplies there. There is not as much interest in the project this year.

Trunk or Treat Commissioner Ashley Kane is organizing Trunk or Treat at the Fairgrounds. She is in contact with the commission, though she is not in attendance at this meeting.

Halloween dance 10/29 Commission is planning a Halloween Dance at the newly-renovated BBCC.

  • Committees are forming to plan the party/dance.
  • Activities for children and adults were discussed.
  • Commission will verify Alcohol policy at the BBCC
  • Chris Beebe offered to take photos of attendees in costume
  • Commissioners will attend the 10/22 BBCC opening to view the layout of the spaces and further plan the event.

VIII. New Business:
1. The commission reviewed the Bill Koch Ski Program schedule from last year and decided to focus on it at next month’s meeting.
2. Chris Zappala and Mary Wallace-Collins will coordinate retrieval and storage of Playscape equipment from former Commissioners.

VIII. Adjournment: 7:20