Recreation Commission Minutes, 11.16.2023

Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes
Thursday November 16th 6:30-7:30 

I. Recognition of Public: Members attending were Mary Wallace Collins, Meghan Arthur, Elina Koumjian, Chris Zappala, and Selectboard liaison, Verandah Porche. no members of the public in attendance. 

II. Call to Order: meeting called to order at 6:33 pm 

III. New Additions: 
Discussion of the Guilford Visioning workshop held the previous Saturday was discussed. 
Discussion of new chairperson of the Rec. Commission.

IV. Changes to Agenda: no changes 

V. Approval of Minutes: September 
minutes were approved unanimously 

VI. Finances: 
The funds used for the gazebo were deducted from the current year’s budget, even though the gazebo was paid for before the end of last year. Mary has sent a message to the town offices asking for clarification. 

VII. Old Business:

1. Broad Brook Community Center Holiday Fair- Dec 2 – The Rec. Commission will be present at The Holiday Fair at the BBCC on Dec. 2nd. Members of the Commission will host holiday craft tables. 

2. Dancing at BBCC on a weekday morning- The Rec. Commission will schedule an ecstatic dance/ movement workshop at the BBCC in the coming weeks. It is planned for a Tuesday morning. Eina Koumjian will lead the workshop and, given time availability, will plan similar events going forward. 

3. Nordic Ski lending 
The Bill Koch Nordic Ski Program will begin another year with applications available through the Guilford Central School, on Facebook, or by contacting the Rec. Commission directly 

Several ideas about expanding or recreating the role of the Guilford Rec. Commission were discussed in light of discussions held at the visioning workshop. 

Meghan Arthur created a survey for townfolk to consider their recreational needs. The survey is being distributed to household through various media. The results of the survey will be tabulated and then used to create greater collaboration between various community groups. The Rec. Commission plans to host a meeting of interested parties in January. 

Finally, Mary Wallace Collins stepped down as official Chairperson for the Rec. Commission. In the absence of anyone willing or able to assume the role, Mary agreed to be acting Chair until a replacement can be found. What followed was a robust discussion of the Rec. Commission, its history, role, and value in the community, the enthusiasm and limitations of community energy for creating and staging events, and possible futures for the Rec. Commission. 

Adjournment: 7:40pm