Conservation Commission Minutes, 11.16.2023

Conservation Commission Minutes 11.16.2023

Attending: Linda Hecker, Linda Lembke, Steve Soszynski, Anne Montgomery, Susan Bonthron, Karen Murphy, Michael Becker
Not Attending: Bevan Quinn, Bill Jewell

Meeting called to order at 5:30.

Agenda change: Move Conservation Fund update as a priority item.

On motion the minutes from October 19 were unanimously accepted.

Conservation Fund and budget request:
We had a discussion about the importance of establishing a Conservation Fund that would enable the town to move quickly on conservation easements that might arise. Donations will be able to be made into the fund. We have funds available to provide seed money for the fund. We will be requesting an annual appropriation of $500 this coming fiscal year. 

Wildlife Crossing Signage:
Two wildlife crossing signs will be installed on the Center Road near the power line. This is a busy spot for wildlife as turtles, bobcats, bears and otters use this area for movement from one side of the road to the other. 

Selectboard meeting update:
Linda Lembke made a presentation of the newly finished NRI (Natural Resources Inventory). Five copies were printed. Three are in the town library and two in the town office. With Erica’s help, the report was uploaded to the town web site. On December 6th we will be presenting the report along with Patti Smith. The GCC is very pleased with the report and are grateful to the town taxpayers for their support. We hope that the town residents will use it to explore the natural resources in Guilford. 

New member recruitment:
We discussed plans to recruit new commissioners as there is one opening now and several in the next few years. The discussion included the work of the commission but also the enjoyment of the many projects we have under taken over the years. 

Other business: 
There is interest in creating a Guilford handbook to orient new residents to town. We would like to add to this project as it develops. 

Next meeting is January 25, 2024 via Zoom.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Murphy, Clerk
Guilford Conservation Commission