Cemetery Commission Minutes, 11.16.2023

Thursday 16 November 2023 9:30 am Blanchard Cemetery

Cemetery Commissioners Present:
Nancy Detra, Kyle Parker, Verandah Porche, Carol Schnabel

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.

Approval of Minutes:
The October Minutes were approved as submitted.

New Business:
We assessed  the condition of Blanchard Cemetery, did some cleaning up and discussed the big maple in the middle as well as another tree.  We decided to get some professional advice to see if they need attention.

Budget- We discussed our budget for next year.  We will check on what has been spent so far before we decide what to request.  

Flags- Danielle reported that we currently have 1042 flags so we do not need to reorder yet.  

Old Business:
Green Burials-  Christ Church Cemetery is now offering Green Burials.   Also, Brattleboro Area Hospice has a link to resources for Green Burials on their website.  Two other resources are the Vermont Forest Cemetery in Roxbury (cemetery.eco), and greenburialvermont.org.  Nancy suggested we plan on creating a forest cemetery.  

Signs- Kyle brought the new sign for Blanchard Cemetery and we installed it.  THANK YOU KYLE!!

Maplehurst chains- Carol spoke to Dan at Abbiati Monuments and we will send them some photos and a count of how many chains we might need.  She also found out that the corner markers for gravesites cost  $375 for a set of four from Abbiati- engraved and installed.   

Winter Projects:
We will meet at the Town Office during the winter months.  Weather permitting we might still put up some more signs.

Actions to be Taken:
Kyle will take photos of Maplehurst posts and count them for Abbiati to give us an estimate. 

Kyle will get advice on the trees at Blanchard.

Carol will get more information on the money spent this year so far.

Verandah will talk to Eric about the chains.  

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.