Recreation Commission Minutes, 09.14.2023

Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting
Thursday September 14th  6:30-7:30

I. Member Attendance: Mary Wallace-Collins, Elina Koumjian, Meghan Arthur, Ashley Kane, Kelsy Allan, Chris Zappala, Verandah Porche- Selectboard liaison

II. Call to Order:  6:36pm

III. New Additions:  Continuing discussion of linking the Rec. Commission with other town groups to create more or broader activities.

IV. Changes to Agenda:  The Commission then discussed using the Marlboro Alliance as a model for increased communication and planning between organizations. Perhaps the Community Center is a good meeting place. 

The Commission also talked about ways to welcome new Guilford residents to town, and creating  a Guilford Welcoming .committee. Creating connection with new and longtime Guilford residents seems to be the way to recruit new Rec. Commission members.

V. Approval of Minutes: (July 20 meeting) The minutes were approved for the 6/8/23 meeting. 

VII. Old Business: 

1. Playscape shade/rain structure installation 

Homeschoolers put in the foundation, the frame was erected the following week, and this week the roof will be put on. There were additional costs of $400 for installing the structure. The Commission also approved $400 to pay Josh Engel for the time and expertise he generously donated to putting up the Playscape structure. 

2. Broad Brook Community Center use 

Recreation Commissioners will look at the open dates on the Broad Brook Community Center calendar on line to plan upcoming autumn events.

VIII. New Business:

1. Autumn programming 

 The Commission discussed the Annual Trunk or Treat to be held Saturday, October 28. Plans are to hold it at the Fairgrounds.

VIII.Adjournment:  7:31 pm