Conservation Commission Minutes, 10.20.2022

Conservation Commission Meeting
October 20, 2022

Attending: Linda Hecker, Linda Lembke, Marli Rabinowitz, Steve Soszynski, Bill Jewell, Anne Montgomery, Susan Bonthron, Karen Murphy
Not attending:
Bevan Quinn
Planning Commission:
Julie Holland
Due to internet connectivity problems the meeting was delayed.

Meeting called to order at 5:57 by Bill Jewell.
On motion the minutes from September were unanimously accepted.
Action steps reviewed.

Elm Tree Maintenance:
Tree watering will recommence in the spring. 

Gazette article:
Linda Lembke wrote an article for the upcoming issue about the collaboration between the GCC and the Historical Society. 

Halloween Party: It was decided not to participate this year. Susan Bonthron will offer the paper luminaries from last year to Verandah Porche to give to the Recreation Commission. 

November 17th BBCC event:
Plans were made to organize the presentation with Steve Soszynski and Jimmy Karlan and their use of trail and web cams. These plans include technology support, trial rehearsals, and   community outreach.

Budget request:
The following motion was made and accepted unanimously:
The Guilford Conservation Commission requests $1000 for fiscal year 2024. We intend to use that money to initiate a Conservation Fund for Guilford, to support future land conservation projects in accordance with priorities and actions from the Town Plan, and in cooperation with other town commissions and conservation groups.

The Pink House (aka Benjamin Carpenter House) celebration was a success. The event was a collaboration between the GCC and the Historical Society.
Susan Bonthron reported on her attendance at the AVCC conference. 

The next meeting will be the BBCC presentation on November 17th.

Meeting adjourned at 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Murphy, Clerk, Guilford Conservation Commission