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About Guilford 

By Nelly, 6th Grader

Tucked back in the Connecticut River Valley, Guilford, Vermont is a small town filled with life, yet quiet enough to settle back. Relax. The calm days and cool nights give you room to breathe and a comfortable climate to take in the natural splendor, the history and culture of our colorful town.

Guilford History

It is most often said that Guilford honors Frederick North, second Earl of Guilford, who, as Prime Minister, made many decisions the American colonists felt were both unjust and punitive. However, he did not assume the title until his father’s death in 1790. If Benning Wentworth was naming this town for a peer, it would have been for Frederick’s father, Francis. It has also been suggested that the town is named for Guildford, England, where the name means a place where marigolds grow at a stream crossing or ford. Wentworth’s casual spelling could account for the missing d. As well, some of the grantees were from Guilford, Connecticut, another possible source.

Discover Guilford

Guilford is a thriving community full of diversified farms, artists and craftsmen, poets and actors, outdoorsmen, and more who all enjoy the beautiful land and diverse people. Find out what Guilford is up to today on the local blog called Discover Guilford. You will find current events, a business directory, and updates on news that is important to locals. If you own a business in Guilford, be sure to list it on Discover Guilford. This is a free service for Guilford residents and business owners.

Guilford Gazette

The Guilford Gazette is an all-volunteer quarterly magazine that is mailed to every Guilford household. That’s a big commitment for the four or five regulars on the staff, who take care of editing, production, advertising, printing and mailing it to every Guilford home. If you are new to town, or have not been receiving your Gazette please email with your name and address.