Energy Committee Minutes, 06.22.2023

Energy Committee Meeting Notes
6:00 pm Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

Call to order: 6:16

Energy Committee Members Present: Nancy, Anne, Gary (absent: Jen, Chris)

Recognition of Public: none

Rules of Procedures: The previous month’s Meeting notes should be sent out with the current month’s agenda. This will facilitate our approval of minutes at the onset of the current month’s meeting.

Addition/Changes to Agenda: none

Old Business:

  • E-Bikes

Chris brought one of the E-Bikes to “Bike Night”, which coincided with this meeting.

We still need to ensure that the electricity connection and power to the shed is completed. Chris is on record to be following up with the Recreation Commission on this matter.

The E-Bike video required for E-bike users is no longer available on line. Nancy will search the various E-Bike videos that are available, and will forward her suggestions to the Committee for comment/approval.

VIN numbers for the bikes need to be etched onto the bikes. Steve Detra has agreed to use his “Dremel” tool to take care of this insurance requirement.

Chris is working on putting together a “tool kit” for each bike. In part, the kit will include tire repair tools/materials, and will be kept in a under-seat carrying bag.

The plan is to limit the rental period to 3 days. 

E-Bikes will be available to the public once these last remaining details are addressed.

  • Window Dressers

Gary confirmed that he will contact Arthur Pettee to partner up for a measuring team this late Summer/Fall.

The kickoff for scheduling measuring visits can begin after the WD program signup sheet goes active.

As of 6/22, over 150 inserts have been requested for the Fall 2023 WD Build, which is scheduled for mid-October.

Nancy and Anne will be working on various marketing approaches in the coming month. While a full-scale poster is considered unnecessary, a simple flyer will be developed for posting at key locations around Guilford and Brattleboro. There may also be a WD table set up for the July Gallery Walk (first Friday).

Anne will plan on sending out a “Welcome” email to all registered customers sometime in July. Nancy will first verify with WD to see if they have already created a “group” email for the Guilford program participants (to facilitate a group email). If not, Anne will be creating a group email by entering addresses one by one. (Any suggestions for making this a quicker process will be appreciated!).

  • Educational Events (MERP grant)

The following is a schedule of Summer 2023 events. All events planned for BBCC at 6:00 (pizza and NA drinks to be provided); presentation to follow 6:20/6:30.

July 14th, Efficiency Vermont – Home energy conservation strategies/incentives

July 25th, VEEP (Vermont Energy Education Program) – Home weatherization approaches and modern wood heating (to include a portion to summarize/advertise Window Dressers)

August 7th,  REV (Renewable Energy Vermont) – overview of mechanics, costs and options for individual and community-based solar photovoltaic installations.

Later in August (TBD), formal presentation on EBikes by Dave Cohen. Anne will coordinate with Jen to schedule this event.

We will need to ensure a video projector and screen are available for these presentations. Nancy will reach out to Thayer for her thoughts. Bill Jewell is a back up as he apparently has a system he’d be willing to lend out.

New Business: Nancy and Gary to attend 6/26 Selectboard Mtg. to summarize our

Committee activities. (UPDATE: Missed communications in confirming this date. Will be open to reschedule with Selectboard at their invitation.)

Next Meeting: Thursday July 27thnd, 2023, 6:00 – 7:00, in person, location TBD

Close of Meeting: Meeting adjourned at 6:50