This photograph is of Betty Winsor, Bertha and Homer Thomas standing in front of Eagle Cliff Farm in West Guilford, Vermont, July 1997. Ms. Winsor is wearing a blue and pink plaid dress and a blue sweater jacket. Mr. Thomas is wearing a dark teal jump suit, a brown belt and glasses. His wife Bertha Thomas is dressed in a pink shirtdress, and Homer’s arms are around both women. A gray brick wall is to the back left of the three and behind them the Eagle Cliff Farm with three columns showing and six-over-six windows on the second floor and four-over four on the first. The trim is green and the clapboards are white.  The roof of the building appears to be Guilford slate.

Homer Thomas was a director on the Guilford Volunteer Fire Department for one year, and was present at the first annual meeting. He was married to Bertha Thomas, nee Thayer. Mr. Thomas is the son of Russell B. Thomas, and Emma Thurber. The Thomas’s house was part of the Thayer family and was built in 1779. At least five generations had lived there. Homer Thomas passed away in the early 1980’s and the house is currently owned by the Smith family.