This picture, taken of Clayton Cutting sugaring, is in Guilford. Vermont. Clayton is wearing a knit winter hat and a long sleeved shirt, or sweater. There are woods behind him. There appears to be a large sugaring tank in front of him. There is snow on the ground. The tank sits on a horse-drawn sled. Clayton is pouring a liquid into the tank.

The sugaring equipment in this picture is a large tank and a sugaring bucket in Clayton’s hands. The tank is very large. The top of the tank is wooden. The rest of the tank also appears to be wooden. The tank is held together with metal strips. Clayton is probably gathering sap at the Cutting farm on Stage Road.  

According to p. 303 of the Official History of Guilford, “David Goodenough owned the property in 1761, when he bought lot 45 from John Frizzle of Bernardston, and lived here in 1784 when he was exiled by the Vermonters, and was on a visit to his family here when fired upon and his companion, Daniel Spicer, was killed, on the Belden Hill Rd.” The lot changed hands many times, and the Cutting Brother’s bought it in 1956.