This is a photograph of Frances Miner of Guilford, Vermont. She appears to be a young female, and she is posing for the picture not looking at whoever was taking the picture. It appears she is sitting on a chair. We can not tell what color everything is because it is a black and white photo. Frances Miner has on a black or dark colored dress or shirt, and has frilly fabric on the end of her sleeves and the neck is tied into a bow.  It apears she is in front of wood, but we are not sure. She is not smiling, and has very short hair. 

Frances Miner was born May 17th, 1839 in Marlboro, Vermont. She was 83 years and nine days old when she died May 8th, 1922 in Guilford, Vermont. Frances was married to Conrad Lester Miner on August 4th, 1858.