This is a black and white photograph of Kate and Thomas Lynde of Guilford Vermont, in their elder years. Kate Lynde is standing in this picture, wearing a long skirt and a matching jacket with long, puffed sleeves. Under the jacket Kate is wearing a turtleneck blouse that buttons up the front, which is a darker color than her skirt and jacket. She is wearing glasses and looking happy, with her hair pulled back in a bun. Thomas Lynde is wearing a suit in a similar color to his wife’s ensemble. Thomas is sitting in a chair that appears to have brass knobs on the top. Mr. Lynde has a white beard, and the top of his head is bald.

Thomas Lynde was a Revolutionary War soldier in Captain Josiah Boyden’s company in 1777; later in the 1800’s, he became Lieutenant in the militia. Thomas was a selectman of Guilford in the early 1800s. Thomas and Kate had a daughter named Grace. The Lyndes lived in district two but owned many other properties. In 1812 the family owned a farm, later known as the Hollis Boyden Farm, and owned land on route five below the Gale farm. In 1814, Thomas owned property on Weatherhead Hollow Road.  In 1818 he owned the present day Clark family farm. In 1819 they owned a flax mill in Algiers. In 1824, Thomas was a part owner of a linseed oil mill on Broad Brook, and a shingle mill. He was also the owner of the old tavern property in Guilford Center. Thomas Lynde died in 1836, and is buried in the Guilford Center cemetery.