This is a photograph of the students of School Number 14 taken in 1919 in Guilford VT. There are 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls. One female student is taller than the others. Three children are holding flowers and the girls are wearing dresses and have boots on. The boys are wearing pants and white shirts and all of them are barefoot. There are trees in the background and a white building with a mansard roof.

The school was built in 1797 and was used until the 1920’s. After that, the building went into disrepair and a new schoolhouse was built on Bonnyvale Road. Guilford Central School was built in 1957. The schoolhouse was renovated by the Anthony family. It is now owned by the Guilford Historical Society since the 1990’s.

On the back of the photograph are written the names of the students: Arvine Boyd, Harold Clark, Arthur Boyd, Lloyd Goodnow, Irene Boyd, Virgie Goodnow, Ruth Boyd, Merrill Thayer and Ruby Thayer.