In this photograph there are 15 people. The teacher Is Anna Johnson, but she is not in the photograph. Some of the students are smiling but most of them are squinting from the sunlight. One boy has a striped shirt and the others boys have plain colored shirts. The girls have dresses on with their hair up. They are standing at a tree line, also looks like there are some plants. It looks like late summer or early fall. The names of the people are: back row, left to right, Esther Henry, Unknown, Earle Clark, Ruby Thayer, Orville Wyman (?), Unknown, ___ Christianson (?). Front row: left to right, Carleton Clark, Merrill Thayer, Arvine Boyd, Harold Legate, Loyd Goodnow, Irene Wyman, Virgie Goodnow, Ruth Boyd.

The red Brick schoolhouse was built in 1797, then was used until the 1920’s and went a long time before repair. A new schoolhouse was built on Bonnyvale Road to replace it. Guilford Central School was built it in 1957. The Red brick School was renovated by the Anthony family, and is now owned and maintained by the Guilford Historical Society since the 1900’s.