This is a photograph of the Borkowski home, on Sweet Pond Road, in Guilford, Vermont. The house has white siding and asphalt-shingled roofing. There are five six-over-six windows on the front side, there are also two doors. There are two steps going up to a large front porch and there appers to be a garage on the left side of the house. There is lots of grass in the front yard and a large bush on the far right side of the porch. There are also trees surrounding the back of the house. There are two small trees by a water well, in the front yard. The water well is made out of wood, and appears to be up on a small hill. There is a bucket and a water pump sitting on the top of the water well. There are two chairs on the front porch, along with a small table. There are eight people in this photograph. There are two men, five kids and one women There are four girls and one boy for kids. The girls and women are all wearing white dresses with their hair pulled back. One of the men is standing with women and the children. He is wearing a dark hat and dark jacket and pants, with a white shirt under the jacket. The other man is sitting on the porch. He is also wearing a dark jacket and a white shirt with white pants. This man is not wearing a hat. He appears to have dark hair and a mustache.

This picture was taken in 1909. Mr. And Mrs. Kanstanz Borkowski are the adults pictured in this photograph. They once owned the building. The house is now known as the  John Borkowski Place.