Guilford Crossroads

In the background there are a lot of trees big ones and small far and wide. There is also a bridge crossing over broad. There is a fence probobly to keep the cows from coming out of the pasture. Right in front of the fence there are three sign that says west Brattleboro and Guilford, Green river 4 miles, Guilford center 1 mile. The road that all this takes place on is right off Guilford center rd. and it is called Bonnyvale rd.

Four buildings are contained in this photo. There is also a barn in front of the pasture. There is one white house and one brown house that can barely be seen. The barn was for cows, the white house for the hay, and the shed for the pigs and the brown house for the sheep. The barn has one window that looks pretty high up and one that is lower. There is a fence in front attached to the barn.

In this picture five cows are roaming in the field. The cows are brown & white or black & white. Some cows may be behind the sign. The cows are eating grass in the picture. On the picture it is a bright sunny day for the cows.