Guilford School House No. 6 and Pupils

This is a photograph of fourteen kids and one teacher in Guilford, Vermont. The boys have what appears to be white shirts and maybe brown or grey pants because it is a black and white photo. The girls have dresses with their hair either up or down. Also, the teacher has her hair up, and has a dress on with a shirt on underneath. The school seems to be white with dark colored shudders, and all the shudders are closed. It has a stone and cement foundation. Behind the building there are woods and a field. There is a brick chimney on top of the school. There is also a small field in front of the school that has high grass. The school has four windows that you can see, and one window is open. There is a pole sticking up by the chimney and a little bit of stone wall in the background.

Walter Davis dated the land for the school in 1928. Also the town of Guilford dated the school and land in 1954. The school was later moved next to Chris Brown place.