Below is a report on the study of how to improve walking and biking conditions on Guilford Center Road in Guilford Center, between School Road and Sweet Pond Road, and a short segment of Carpenter Hill Road up to the Weeks Memorial Forest trail entrance. The Town worked with VTrans and planners and engineers from Dubois & King to develop this assessment of potential pedestrian facilities that connect several destinations in Guilford Center, including the library, park, and Weeks Memorial Forest.

Why a scoping Study?

Scoping studies are intended to assess the public’s interest in a given project, as well as site conditions that might make construction easier or more challenging. Through these studies, a Town is able to better plan for future budgetary needs for infrastructure improvements, and avoid any decisions that would be much more costly when discovered while designing or constructing final improvements. Scoping studies also open the doors to federal funding resources offered by the state – a crucial component to funding infrastructure projects in rural Vermont.

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Bike/Pedestrian Scoping Study Project Area

Through its course, this study will host a pair of public meetings, each accompanied by meeting records to be posted at this website.  Your voice is crucial in understanding where the Town should and should not allocate resources to improve walking conditions in Guilford Center. 

We’ll continue to update this website as the project evolves, with project materials, meeting notices and minutes, and opportunities to add your voice to this important community discussion.

Project Timeline:

  • Project Kickoff: September 14, 2021
  • Project Team Site Visit: October 12, 2021
  • Local Concerns Meeting: January 25, 2022, 6:00PM
  • Alternatives Review Meeting: June 21, 2022; 6:30PM
  • Final Report: August – September 2022