Recreation Commission Agenda, 01.12.2023

Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting
Thursday January 12, 2023 6:30-7:30
Zoom link:

I. Recognition of Public:

II. Call to Order:

III. New Additions:

IV. Changes to Agenda:

V. Approval of Minutes: December 2022

VI. Finances:

VII. OLD Business:

  1. Nordic Ski. – distribution a success –
  2. Winterfest 2023 plans. Scheduled for February 12th, the fest will include Hot Cocoa, sleds,
    skis, a bonfire, and s’mores, among other activities. Promotion and flyers needed

VIII. New Business:

  1. Commission member, Regan Beebe, leaving commission
  2. New member joining
  3. Mary is not available the month of February- need coverage for email/contact and
    meeting and agenda.

VIII. Adjournment: