Recreation Commission Agenda, 03.16.2023

Guilford Recreation Commission Meeting
Thursday, March 16, 2023-  6:30-7:30
Zoom link:

I. Recognition of Public:

II. Call to Order:  

III. New Additions:  

IV. Changes to Agenda:  

V. Approval of Minutes:  

VI. Finances: 

VII. Old Business: 

  1. commission members – how can we get more involvement? – Mary
  2. ski returns –April? Chris

VIII. New Business:

  1. E-bikes at the library (energy commission) – do we want to get involved (Chris Beebe
    will present)
  2. Egg hunt (Saturday before Easter)- Ashley
  3. Playscape- play equipment, ADA compliant path -Mary
  4. Halloween party in October for the adults (Saturday night the 21 st ?)-Verandah
  5. background checks for members $150 line item- Chris
  6. Ideas for next meeting –Everyone

VIII. Adjournment