Selectboard Minutes, 03.27.2023

Monday, March 27, 2023, 6:30 p.m., 236 School Road, Guilford, VT


SELECTBOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Verandah Porche, Vice-Chair; Tara Cheney; Michael Becker; Rusty Marine (by zoom)

OFFICIALS/ STAFF PRESENT: Erika Elder, Town Administrator; Sheila Morse, Assistant Town Administrator; Dan Zumbruski (Road Commissioner); Dan Ingold, EMD

PRESENT in person: Matt Stinchfield

PRESENT via Zoom: Anna Klein, Lesley Malouin, Nancy Detra, Don McLean, Erik Schickendanz, Sheila Adams, Barry Aleshnick, Julie Beet, Deborah Albright, Christina Belogour, Lisa?, Jeannette Tokarz

  1. Call to Order  by Verandah 6:30 p.m.
  1. Rules of Procedure: Michael (2 minutes)
  1. Welcoming of Public     Community Comment Period (10 minutes)
    Matt Stinchfield: re: Game of Logging – Northeast Woodland Training; Courses go levels 1-4. Matt offers classes June, Aug, Nov. Needs additional stands/hosts with acreage for cutting. Matt will facilitate the rest. Classes offered in June will be levels 1-2; August, levels 3 & 4; September, all levels. Matt’s email:

Julie Beet: re: moving Town Meeting to a more accessible day. 10% of Guilford’s registered voters attended in person. VT Statute says we can vote on day change (Saturday, Sunday or Monday before 1st Tuesday in March. Available options: Vote on Town Meeting day. Julie is sharing a survey. Link to survey:

  1. Changes to Agenda Order NONE
  1. Approval of Minutes
    1. ACTION: Motion by Michael to approve the Minutes of the regular meeting of 03.13.23. Tara Seconded. Vote was by roll call. All were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.
  1. Updates & Reports
    1. 3/13 Storm and Guilford’s response (5 minutes; no action)
      Verandah: Thanks to Green Mountain Power, Dan Zumbruski & the road crew, Broad Brook CommunityCenter, The Guilford Free Library, The Guilford Country Store, and the many others who helped. Call for collection of stories and photos for Guilford Gazette – Send to Verandah – at or call 802 254-2442.
    2. Highway (5 minutes)
      1. Erika: VTRANS is collecting information for FEMA on storm damages from 3/14.  Guilford’s damages reported to the State = $4,000 overtime, $18,000 total reportable expenses (including $14,000 = FEMA -approved equipment costs.) 
      2. Jelly Mill Bridge: Received 3 bids from RFP:  Dan’s recommendation is  to accept the bid from Renaud Bros to perform work for $175,000. ACTION: Motion by Verandah to accept bid  from Renaud Bros.  Michael seconded. Vote was by Roll Call. All were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.   
    3. Vermont Emergency Management Survey – Dan Ingold (5 minutes; no action)
      5 year State Hazard Mitigation Plan. Info to Dan by April 25 email
    4. Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP) report – Dan Ingold (5 minutes; no action)
      2023 plan will be done by 4.10 meeting. Working on quotes for generator for school, and setting up microgrid between Guilford Central School, the Town Office, and Town Garage. More generator efficiency is desirable for future extreme weather events. Discussion about town-wide communications in Emergency situations.
    5. Energy Committee Report: Nancy Detra (5 minutes; no action)
      Reminder that the next Gazette comes out in May.
      The Energy Committee has $6200 from grants, plus the e-bike grant. Free University poll showed residents are most interested in edible, native & pollinator gardens, solar power, heat pumps, and modern wood heating. Energy Committee plans to host events on these topics and is applying for a MERP grant to support. Window Dressers: $500 grant for low-income residents. $1700 for free inserts from Grassroots Fund. ARPA grant for $1000 for window inserts for Library. Efficiency VT grant applied for.
  1. Old Business
    1. Disband ARPA Advisory Committee (5 minutes; Action: motion)
      Though we have already acknowledged their work, we will formally disband the committee, relieving the fine folks from the assumption of ongoing responsibilities for the Selectbaord. Action: Motion to disband by Michael. Seconded by Tara. Vote was by Roll Call. All were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.
    2. Statistical Reappraisal update – Erika (2 minutes; no action)
      from Lisa Barry, Assessor Clerk: Guilford’s Detailed Reappraisal Compliance Plan (RA-308) application was accepted (by VT PVR – Property Valuation & Review). Because Guilford is planning a Statistical (vs. Complete) reappraisal, we were required to perform a Data Quality Study. This study indicated to the State that a statistical reappraisal is appropriate at this time. 
    3. Review draft letter to VTRANS regarding traffic safety in Algiers Village (5 minutes; Action: motion)  Assistant Town Administrator Sheila read the letter.  Motion to accept the letter as read by Michael. Tara seconded. Discussion: Tara received a letter from Barry Aleshnick in support of 3-way stop signs. Vote was by Roll Call. Rusty opposed, Michael, Tara & Verandah were in favor, none abstained. Motion passed.
    1. New Business
      1. Selectboard goals for 2023-2034 (5 minutes; discussion) The Selectboard will convene a workshop to consider and draft the goals. The meeting will be warned. 
      2. Town Plan 2022-2030 Final (5 minutes; Action: motion) In December, the Planning Commission held its public hearing concerning the minor revisions to the 2022-2030 Town Plan, after which they recommended the Selectboard adopt the Town Plan. The Selectboard held its own public hearing on 3/23 during which no further comments were received. Action: Verandah moved to adopt the Final Town Plan, Rusty seconded. Vote was by Roll Call. All were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.
      3. Annual Road Postings TABLED Per Dan Z’s recommendation. We already had mud season this year!
    1. Finance  (5 minutes)
    Payroll – WE 03.19.23$10,505.31
    Payroll – WE 03.26.23$17,371.82
    Expense Warrant #2318$73,107.70

    Action: Motion: Verandah moved to pay the warrants as listed. Tara seconded. Vote was by roll call. All were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.   

    1. Other Business
      1. Verandah: Annually, the Selectboard adopts Town Road and Bridge Standards. ACTION: Motion by Michael to adopt the Standards,  Rusty seconded. Vote was by roll call. All were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed.
      2. Communications NONE
    2. Actions from Previous Meeting
      1. Elected chair & vice-chair
      2. Approved minutes of 2.27.23
      3. Authorized purchase of Kubota Tractor Mower, Note: P.O. written, commitment letter written 3.23
      4. Authorized Sheila and Tara to draft letter to VTrans requesting action on traffic safety in Algiers Village
      5. Received recommendation of ARPA subcommittee
      6. Approved granting ARPA funds without stipulating specific expenses
      7. Approved ARPA grant to Friends of Algiers Village $29,300
      8. Approved Selectboard appointments
      9. Approved warrants
    1. Action Taken
      1. Approved minutes from 3.13.23
      2. Approved Jelly Mill Bridge Repair
      3. Disbanded ARPA Advisory Committee
      4. Accepted letter to Vtrans 
      5. Adopted Town Plan
      6. Approved Road & Bridge Standards
      7. Approved Warrants
    2. Actions to be Taken NONE
    3. Adjournment

    Motion to adjourn by Rusty . Tara seconded. Vote was by roll call. All were in favor, none opposed, none abstained. Motion passed. Meeting Adjourned at 7:33

    Meeting video-

    Next Selectboard Meeting 4.10.23 6:30 pm