Selectboard Vacancy

LONG POST AHEAD – but the gist is that the Selectboard is seeking applicants for an appointment to fill the seat that I’m vacating at the end of August. Letter of resignation below.

If you are interested, please send a paragraph or two describing your background, interest, and what you’d bring to the board to Peder Rude, Town Administrator by email ( or snail mail (236 School Road).

A little over a third of the way through my second term on the Selectboard, it is with much regret that I announce my resignation effective August 31st, 2019. 

I have spent much of the past four years fighting a chronic illness that depletes my energy and makes it difficult for me to do my best and to give as much to the board as I feel is necessary. Also, I had a second more extensive surgery on my arm which will take another two months of dedicated recovery. At this point, my priority must be to take time to strengthen myself physically, and spending more time with my family. I can’t do what I must do personally and do justice to my commitment to Guilford and the board.

I feel comfortable leaving the board in the capable hands of such great colleagues and believe things are in really good order. 
• The Capital Budget program is excellent.
• The existing budgeting process serves the Town well.
• We have a good handle on dealing with our roads, bridges, culverts, and the work inventory. 
• Peder Rude secures grants on a consistent basis. 
• Town finances are in better shape than ever. 
• Filling and accommodating the dog officer, constable, and lister positions has been challenging but we have plans to bring proposed solutions to Town Meeting 2020. 
• We’re recruiting for the Road Crew in anticipation of Allen’s retirement and with an eye toward Danny’s proclaimed exit in September 2020. 
• I have high hopes that, with the coming budget year, we can reduce property taxes and, as a citizen participant, I will help work toward that goal.

As always, there are challenges and problems to tackle which I don’t want to underestimate or ignore. Fortunately, the positives outweigh the negatives. And I am willing to continue to advise and help if asked. I just can’t serve as a full member of the Selectboard. 

To fill my position, Selectboard members must appoint someone to serve from now to next March’s Town-wide elections. We will initiate the appointment discussions immediately and we are seeking letters of interest from anyone who wishes to serve. Ideally, this person would do well, enjoy the role, and stand for election to a full-term next spring. To formalize the process and communication, I have asked Steve Lembke and Anne Rider to join my colleagues in serving as an ad hoc search committee. 

Thanks to everyone who has made my service to Guilford so gratifying.

Sheila Morse

Chair, Guilford Selectboard