Dogs and Wolf Hybrids over six months of age must be registered and licensed each year by April 1. You can renew your dog’s license any time between January 10th and April 1st.  Please remember to bring a copies of the current rabies vaccine and spay/neutering (if applicable) certificates (unless you are renewing and your certificate has not expired).  A dog obtained after April 1st, or that reaches the age of six months after April 1st, must be licensed within 30 days.  New residents have 90 days to register animals before penalties apply.


  • Neutered/Spayed:   $9.00 ($4 Town & $5 State); Late fee (after 1st April) – add $2 (to Town)
  • Unneutered/Unspayed:  $13.00 ($8 town & $5 State); Late fee (after 1st April) – add $4 (to Town)

You can renew your dog license by mail by sending to the Guilford Town Office:

  • Current rabies certificate
  • Self addressed, stamped ($0.70) return envelope
  • Check payable to the Town of Guilford
  • This information must be received on or before April 1st.

Special Licenses & Kennel Permits


Dogs kept for breeding purposes or hunting must obtain a Special License and Kennel Permit annually on or before April 1, provided that:

  • The dogs will be kept in a proper enclosure; and
  • The dogs are properly immunized against rabies; and
  • Up to ten (10) dogs:
    • Special License Fee $30 (to Town, on first dog license only); and
    • $1 per dog for rabies (to State); and
    • Kennel License $10 (to Town, on first dog license only)
  • On eleventh (11th) dog or more:
    • $5 per dog for rabies (to State)
  • Dogs registered under this special license are exempt from other fees, but a Kennel Permit must be obtained.