A Driveway Permit is required for the construction of a new driveway or the modification of an existing driveway that connects to a town highway.  Approved Driveway Permits must be recorded at the Town Office.

Driveway Permit Application

  • Application Fee:  None
  • Recording Fee:  $15.00


Driveways or secondary approaches will be constructed as follows:

1. Each lot owner, prior to connecting to a town highway, will obtain a permit from the Road Commissioner with the approval of the Selectmen. A fee to be set by the Board of selectmen is required.

2. No drainage from driveways shall be permitted onto the town highway.

3. The need for a culvert in the Town’s right-of-way shall be determined by the Road Commissioner. The culvert diameter, length and placement shall also be determined by the Road Commissioner.  The purchase and placement of said culverts shall be the responsibility of the lot owner. After installation, repair and maintenance of culverts shall be the responsibility of the Town of Guilford.

4. The line of sight or sight distance to the right and left of the driveway will be
 200 feet.

5. No driveway may be constructed or maintained in such a way as to affect the grade of the highway, or to obstruct a ditch, culvert or drainage course that drains the highway. (19 VSA 1111(b)).

6. Driveways will intercept town roads at a 75 to 90 degree angle and will slope downward from the highway 1/2″ per foot for a minimum of 15 feet.

7. Any specification herein which will result in an unusual hardship may be modified at the discretion of the Selectmen or Road Commissioner.

8. Enforcement: in the event any lot owner is not in compliance with the provisions of this ordinance or any permit issued hereunder, the Road Commissioner or Selectmen may suspend any permit under this section until compliance is obtained. Any permit may be suspended by issuance of a Notice of Suspension, which shall be sent to the lot owner by certified mail, return receipt requested. If there is continued use or activity after suspension, the Selectmen, on behalf of the Town, may physically close the driveway or access point if, in the opinion of the Selectmen, the safety of highway users is, or may be affected. In addition to the provisions above, any lot owner who violates a provision of this section, or any permit issued hereunder, shall be fined not more than $500.00.  Each week the violation continues shall constitute a separate offense. (19 VSA    1111 (g)).

Driveway Permit Application