Vital Records (certificates of birth, marriage, death, etc.) are indexed and available for viewing and copying during most regular town office hours.

Usually, there is someone at the town office who can assist you in your search for vital records.  If you are not able to come into the office, you can call or email to ask the town clerk to search and send you a copy of a vital record.  The town office will bill you for postage and copy fees, along with a fee for the town clerk’s search time.      

For extensive research, such as genealogical research, we encourage you to come into the town office. If you can not come into the office, we will do our best to answer your request, but please consider the limitations on our availability.    


  • Search (your time at the town office):  $4.00/hour
  • Copy (non-certified):  $1.00
  • Certified Copy:  $10.00

The Vermont Department of Health maintains a statewide vital records system and will issue certified copies. For guidance on vital records and certificates, go to: Vermont Vital Records