You can register to vote by using Vermont’s Online Voter Registration Tool using the link below.  The Registration Tool allows all eligible Vermonters to submit their voter registration application online. The link also allows you to change your name and/or address on your current registration record.

You can also register to vote by completing the “Application for Addition to the Checklist,” which you can get at the Town Office or download.

You must include your Vermont Driver’s License Number on the application form.  If you do not have a Vermont Driver’s License Number or if your license is suspended, include the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  Be sure to take the Voter’s Oath if you have not voted in Vermont before.  Once the form is completed you must submit it to the Town Clerk.

Another way to register to vote is through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at the time you register your car, get a driver’s license or renew your registration or license.  It is advisable to contact the Town Office in order to verify that your DMV voter registration has been received.

Application for addition to checklist

Voter Check List as of 4-25-19