ARPA Advisory Committee Minutes, 11.30.2022

Guilford ARPA Committee Meeting Minutes, 11.30.22, 5:00PM-6:30PM

Present ARPA Committee Members: Jaime Durham, Julie Holland, Patty Bullock, Dan Killay, Vickie Sterling

Selectboard Representatives: Zon Eastes, Verandah Porche

I. Call to Order

II. Recognition of Public

III. Approval of 10.26.22 Minutes and 11.8.22 Minutes

Meeting minutes approved.

IV. Changes to Agenda Order

No changes to agenda order.

V. New Business

  • A) Final Reports on Funding
    • Individual Reports 
    • Remaining Funds Proposal
  • B) Report writing plan and deadline update
  • C) Meeting Dec 7 with Katie Buckley? 

Reviewed individual reports from committee members on perspective projects.  Discussed projects and potential funding opportunities.  Worked on what key projects to include in recommendation to Selectboard.  ARPA committee does not need to recommend allocating all funds, in fact Zon recommended leaving some funds outside of recommendations as Selectboard has a few project ideas in mind already.  Report to include guidance based on survey results and project ideas submitted. Jaime to work on draft of recommendations for Selectboard.  We will review next meeting (Wednesday, 12/7 at 6:30PM).  Katie Buckley will hopefully attend to help review and answer any additional questions.  

VI. Adjournment
Meeting was adjourned at 6:30.