ARPA Advisory Minutes 09.28.2022

Guilford ARPA Committee Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2022, 6:30PM-7:00PM

Present ARPA Committee Members: Jaime Durham, Julie Holland, Patty Bullock, Dan Killay; Selectboard Representatives: Zon Eastes, Verandah Porche

I. Call to Order
II. Recognition of Public
III. Approval of 9.7.22 Minutes
. Meeting minutes approved
IV. Changes to Agenda Order. No changes to agenda
V. New Business
a. Survey Update
The survey has been open for approx. 10 days. There have been 125 responses, split between online
and mailings. Encourage everyone including committee members to do so. Survey can be found at: Based on Katie Buckley’s advice, we added room for
addresses in the event we want to provide any mailing updates. Survey will close on October 20 th . The
mailing surveys need to be entered manually into a google sheets. ARPA committee to coordinate on
sharing the workload for that.

b. Next Steps – How to advise on viable projects once we have survey results
Once committee tabulate results we will have data for each section surveyed. Then committee will
summarize the results. Zon recommends that associating recommended projects associated with the
summary of results. Both the summary and recommended projects will be written up into a report for
the Selectboard.
Committee to post update on the town website with the methods we have utilized so far to gather
feedback from the community, and also a reminder where additional feedback on utilization of the
ARPA funds can be submitted. Dan to draft an update for the town website and send to Jaime. Julie to
post an update to Facebook and the Front Porch Forum to remind people of the survey and the
opportunities to provide feedback as well. Dan and Jamie to do post the following week.
Our next meeting is October 26 th at 6:30PM.

VI. Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 7:00