Cemetery Commission Minutes, 01.19.2023

Thursday 19 January 2023 11 am Town Office

Cemetery commissioners present:
Nancy Detra, Eric Morse, Kyle Holmquist-Parker, Verandah Porche, Carol Schnabel

Member of the Public present:
Barry Aleshnick

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 11 am.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from November were approved as submitted.

New Business:

Commission contact list- Carol went over the contact list to make sure it is correct- she will resend it to everyone.  

Insurance- Verandah will check back on that.

Burial plots at Carpenter Cemetery-  Eric and Carol met with 2 Guilford residents who are interested in buying burial plots at Carpenter Cemetery.  They made a plan to meet again in the spring to choose a spot.  The interested party also sent Eric a follow-up email with information about Green Burials.  Carol will forward that to all of the commissioners.  We talked about inviting Rodney Bell to an onsite visit to Carpenter Cemetery in the spring to discuss interments, equipment used, etc.

Flag Count- Carol received a call that said we did not have the correct number of flags needed for the West Guilford Cemetery.  The people from that group will try to get us a more up-to-date count.  Carol will ask Penny how many flags we still have in storage at the Town Office.  We discussed having a work day in the spring where we cut and paint PVC pipe to use as holders for flags.  If those are in place it would make it much easier to find the graves that need flags.  Kyle will look into the PVC pipes.  We discussed how to get a more accurate list of who the veterans are that are buried in Guilford- Carol will look at the Guilford History book.  It was suggested that Dick Clark might know how to find this out.  

Christ Church Cemetery- Barry Aleshnick came to get some suggestions and up-date us on how things are going there.  They have gotten new trustees since he last was in touch with us and the Board is working on fundraising, which is good news.   Barry’s concern is that there are a lot of jobs that he does that no one else knows how to do and none of his trustees has the time to be his back-up.  We brainstormed with Barry and hopefully that was a help for him.  We spoke about having a liaison from their group to ours.  

Town Meeting-  We will decide at our February meeting who will nominate from the floor the commissioner who is up for re-election in March.

Old Business:

Brochure- Nancy brought a revised mock-up for our brochure.  Some edits were proposed.  Eric will get a good map of the cemeteries in Guilford from Jeff Nugent.  Nancy will work on finalizing the layout for our approval.  We discussed reviewing the brochure on a regular basis (every three years or so) to make any up-dates that might be needed.  

Maplehurst- A Guilford resident is looking into buying a burial plot there.

Cemetery signs- Kyle will try to get us mock-ups for February so we can choose what we prefer.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:38 pm