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Cemetery Commission Minutes, 02.16.2023

Thursday 16 February 2023  9:30 am Town Office

Cemetery Commissioners Present:
Nancy Detra, Eric Morse, Verandah Porche, Carol Schnabel

Member of the Public Present:
Lynn Pancake

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am 

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from January were approved as submitted.

New Business:
Carol received the VOCA newsletter and their spring meeting will be in Vergennes on May 6, 2023.  Deadline to reserve is April 15.  Carol will keep us posted on topic when she hears.

Old Business:
Burial in Carpenter Cemetery- Lynn Pancake came to discuss green burials and inquire about buying burial plots.  Green burials are allowed in Vermont and there are a variety of ways to do this.  We talked about asking Rodney Bell to meet some of us at the Carpenter Cemetery in the spring.  We discussed protocols for green burials. 

Brochure- Nancy and Evelyn McLean are about to meet to get this ready to print.  Eric contacted Jeff Nugent who is working on a map of Guilford Cemeteries.  

Flag count-  Carol contacted Penny and there are plenty of flags for now.  

Flag holders- Kyle is working on that and will have the information for the next meeting.

Identifying veterans- We have been working on getting a better list of veterans buried in Guilford.  

Town meeting- Nancy offered to nominate Kyle from the floor.

Cemetery signs-  Kyle is working on that.

Insurance- nothing needs to change at this time.

Another Guilford citizen looking to buy a plot- Eric has had trouble reaching him and Nancy is going to get the contact information.

Actions to be Taken:
Kyle- information on PVC and signs.
Carol- work on more accurate count of veterans and also get in touch with West Guilford and
Christ Church Cemeteries.
Nancy- brochure and finding contact info for person seeking to buy a cemetery plot
Eric- contact Rodney Bell

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.