In general terms, a conflict of interest is an incompatibility between the private and public interests of a public official.

By statute, every municipality in Vermont is required to adopt a conflict of interest prohibition. Such prohibition must contain at least the following elements, which are found in 24 V.S.A. § 1984

• a definition of “conflict of interest”; 

• a list of the elected and appointed officials covered by such prohibition; 

• a method to determine whether a conflict of interest exists; 

• actions that must be taken if a conflict of interest is determined to exist; and 

• a method of enforcement against individuals violating such prohibition. 

Guilford’s Conflict of Interest Policy follows the model recommended to Vermont municipalities, created by the Vermont League of Cities and Towns. 
Guilford Conflict of Interest Policy

Vermont Ethics Commission Conflict of Interest Chart for VT State Officials NOTE: This document applies only to State Officers, but may be useful as a quick reference.

As outlined in 17 V.S.A. § 2647, there are some public offices that may not be held simultaneously by the same person. VLCT Chart of Incompatible Offices