Energy Committee Minutes, 09.28.2023

Energy Committee Meeting Notes
6:00 pm Thursday, September 28, 2023

Call to order: 6:10

Energy Committee Members Present: Nancy, Anne, Chris, Gary

Recognition of Public:  none

Old Business:

General comment: As a Town committee we’re obligated to have open meetings. This requires that we post time and location of each meeting in well in advance.

Nancy is the point person working with the Windham Regional Commission re:MERP program requirements. Primary on this list is to get an energy audit for the library. Secondly, and to be considered as a Spring 2024 activity, is to present the final presentation of our educational grant with Dave Cohen on E-Bikes.

New Business/Conversation:

We’ve had a very busy year and are currently finishing out the third season of offering and managing the Window Dressers program. That is our focus for the remainder of the Fall.

There is rumor of an event scheduled by Sarah Coffey for October 24th. This may or may not happen, and may or may not involve the Energy Committee.

Chris reminded us of the large amount of work involved with the Pedestrian Pathway Study and the E-Bikes purchase and protocol development. 

We decided to “take the Winter off”, in view of all the heavy lifting and successes (including three public educational forums during the Summer of 2023).

This said, we acknowledge the need for new Committee members.  We will pursue this search via various social media (Facebook, Front Porch Forum), and Nancy with draft an article for the Guilford Gazette. The article will summarize the Committee’s achievements and activities, as well as tempt potential Committee members.

Schedule Next Meeting: TBD, most likely Spring of 2024.

Close of Meeting: Meeting adjourned at 6:40