Schoolhouse & Bridge Tinted Postcard

This is a black and white and white photograph colored in by hand. There is also writing in the top right corner. This is a photo of the Red brick schoolhouse with the bridge on carpenter hill road, in Guilford Vermont. In this picture you can see two people, one man and one boy. They are both wearing suits so it might be Sunday, but it is more likely a school day because one of them is sitting on the rocks, and you NEVER want to get your suit dirty. They both have tan coats and one has tan pants the other has black. There are rocks under the bridge and a steady stream of water flowing under it. Both sides of the riverbank have grass so it could be spring or summer. The redbrick schoolhouse in this photo has three, 6-over-6 windows with a low gable on both sides. The bridge has tall railings with a criss-cross pattern for the siding.

The red brick schoolhouse was built in 1797 and used until somewhere in the 1920’s, when it went into disrepair. The new schoolhouse to replace it was built on Bonnyvale Road. The Guilford central school then replaced the Bonnyvale schoolhouse in 1957. It was renovated by the Anthony family, and is now owned and maintained, by the Guilford historical society since the 1990’s.