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Invitations to Public after 08.12.19 SB Meeting

The Selectboard has two topics of note:

  1. The Selectboard had a request from Paul Belogour for permission to upgrade the Town’s Class 3 and Class 4 sections of Stony Hill Road South to current standards, up the the point where it meets his driveway – at his expense. The Selectboard is considering the request and will make a decision at the 08.26.19 Selectboard meeting. The public is invited to submit any comments to (or phone 802.254.6857 or in person at the Town Office) until Wednesday 08.21.19. The Selectboard is not holding a formal public hearing but are curious to know if residents have thoughts on the topic.
  2. Reminder: The Selectboard invites anyone who’s interested in filling the soon-to-be vacant Selectboard seat to express their interest in a brief letter, much as is done in the February issue of the Gazette prior to Town Meeting Day. Please indicate background, interest, what you might contribute, etc. The Selectboard will consider all interested parties until next Wednesday, 08.21.19 and will make the appointment at the 08.26.19 Selectboard meeting.